Ana Martinez

Coach Ana trained as a competitive optional gymnast in one of southern California’s premier elite training facilities. She later went on to coach for the very same gym she trained at as a child. She began her coaching career with preschool gymnastics and worked her way to coaching competitive women’s compulsory and optional gymnastics. She has over 15 years’ experience coaching and directing both preschool and school age recreational programs. She holds a professional gymnastics membership and safety certification with USAG. Additionally, Ana is KAT (Kinder Accreditation for Teachers) and MELPD (Movement Education and Lesson Plan Development) certified. Ana is wife to Carlos and mom to Diego (13) and Lorenzo (8), and fur babies Jack, Luna and Sunny. She loves to knit and read.

Freshman M 9-9:45
Freshman M 10-10:45
Sophomore M 11-11:45
Freshman M 4-4:45
Sophomore M 4-4:45
Freshman M 5-5:45
Move W/Me M 6-6:45
Sophomore M 6-6:45
Freshman T 9-9:45
Move W/Me T 10-10:45
Sophomore T 11-11:45
Freshman W 9-9:45
Freshman W 4-4:45
Sophomore W 4-4:45
Sophomore W 5-5:45
Sophomore W 6-6:45
Freshman Th 9-9:45
Move W/Me Th 10-10:45
Sophomore Th 11-11:45

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