University All Stars Gym in Lake Elsinore California

Happy 10th Birthday Twist’n U!

We are so proud to announce that July 1st was our 10 year anniversary serving the families of Lake Elsinore and our surrounding communities. This is such an amazing accomplishment and could never have achieved this without the support of our current and past customers, Thank you so much!

Twist’n U Mission

Our Mission is to ignite the fun & energy within every individual thru utilizing our passion in an environment designed for the ultimate experience in safety as well as excitement. We will team up with parents who want to see their children gain confidence and soar towards a healthier future. Self motivation will also be sparked by the encouragement and enthusiasm that you will find inside our unique school. Through well established programs and progressions, our students will gain life-long skills and experiences…as well as the many attributes that the wonderful world of “flips” can bring (strength, flexibility, spatial awareness, teamwork, muscular control, respect, endurance, social awareness, coordination, running speed, self-discipline, balance, grace, time management, trust, agility, goal

Twist’n U’s Legacy

Twist’n University was founded in the Spring of 2007 by owners Jeremy and Anna Thompson. The inspiration for this endeavor came from the life of DeAnna Thompson (the first wife of Jeremy, mother of Lexi and Brandon, sister of Coach Bob and daughter to Gary and LaDonna Anderson).

DeAnna came to southern California in the late 80s, where she began helping and healing hundreds of patients as a physical therapist. As a former gymnast and ballerina herself, she put tremendous passion towards nurturing even the most severe quadriplegic cases as well as working with Special Olympic athletes.

DeAnna’s life tragically ended in an automobile accident in 2004. However, her legacy as physical therapist, mother, and Canyon Lake resident has carried on as Twist’n U embraces a philosophy where its programs will nurture self confidence, healthy lifestyles and a passion for growth.