Tim on a Trampoline in Lake Elsinore CaliforniaDamien Super Man into foam pit Elsinore CA

Air Trix

In other words…it’s a program designed for all ages who desire to flip, fly or simply do something different. We have extracted many of the great benefits from gymnastics and give them to all aspiring athletes…and yes, even those who do not aspire yet! All sports will be complimented thru our Air-Trix training.


Age 4 to 6 (55 min)

This class will put each child on a fast-track to flipping. Mini-Trixters will be put in a more mature training environment than most 4-6 year-olds. After focusing on correct basics and techniques, these students will be rewarded with tramp-time, new skills and all the additional benefits of Twist’n U.

AX Level 1 Junior and Level 1 Senior

Junior — Age 7 to 10 (55 min)
Senior — Aage 11 and older (60 min)

With our state-of-the-art tumbling equipment, two trampolines, air mats, overhead spotting rigs along with many unique “flipping” enhancers, every beginner thru advanced student will be sure to soar. Students will work on the skills they want to learn while our program develops all-important basics, strength (and speed) development, spatial awareness and a respect for SAFETY. And, as our Mission states, these participants will gain much more than the ability to flip.

AX Level 2

Age 7 and older (55 min)

As an advanced beginner, this course will challenge the student through new aerial maneuvers, increasing their command of the basics and gaining greater heights. Both forward and backward elements will be developed as well as twist’n right & left.

AX Level 3

Age 9 and older (55 min)

With proper preparation, students will be able to utilize our specially designed tramp-boards to simulate outdoor tricks. Athletes will have the opportunity for repetition of new and improved skills in a controlled and safe setting. As the level of difficulty increases, it is paramount that strength, flexibility and aerial awareness also have been increased.

Family Trix

Age 8 and older (90 min)

This course is gives the opportunity to experience fitness, fun and flips as a family. No worries, learn at your own pace, establish the goals you desire…and our staff will put a “success plan” in place. And YES, Mom will be quite safe on the zipline!