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You want to foster essentials such as coordination, balance, strength, flexibility & overall fitness.

You want your child to understand the connection between effort & achievement, persistence & reward.

Your child seems to be spending more time up-side-down (on furniture & unsafe areas)…and loving it.

You want your child to experience the excitement of teamwork, plus the satisfaction of accomplishment.

You want to enhance self-discipline which is developed due to the very nature of this awesome sport.

You want to reinforce the absolute importance of a healthy lifestyle and instill good habits for life.

GX Level 1 Junior and GX Level 1 Senior

Junior — Age 6 to 9 (60 min)
Senior — Age 10 and older (60 min)

First graders and beginners will be introduced to all the awesome apparatus, safety standards and TWIST’N U Principles. Classes are structured to develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and above all…self esteem. With our unique lesson plans, the emphasis will be on having each child develop at their own pace. All classes will be grouped according to age and ability allowing them to progress at an appropriate rate while sharing their accomplishments with peers. This is undoubtedly an orientation for a successful future. key skills: handstands on wall, somersaults forward, cartwheels, swing re-grasps, pullovers, releve walks, hurdles, landings.

GX Level 2

Age 5 and older (60 min)

After a student has gained the knowledge, confidence and strength needed to approach mastery of the basics, this “advanced beginner” course will get them to the next level. As the student progresses, more time is spent on new skills, increased strength development and more time on the apparatus. key skills: somersaults backward, round-offs, kickovers, casts, glide swings, jump 360, front tucks.

GX Level 3

Age 7 and older (60 min)

With basic fundamentals, along with the knowledge and confidence acquired, these intermediate classes will take our students to new heights, literally. Included with all the fun, students will experience new challenges and develop more skills. At this stage, we focus on body sculpting (shaping) and proper progressions used on floor, beam, bars vault and yes, supertramp, too. key skills: extension rolls, handstand roll-downs, back walkovers, back and front handsprings, hip circles, long-hang swings.