Preschool Gymnastics Elsinore CA

Preschool Gymnastics


Age 1 to 3½ (40 min)

Join our “parent-n-toddler” class and everyone has a blast. Tons of running, jumping, smiling, laughing, & learning that’s grade A, pure, awesome fun. Our indoor play experience is unlike any other your child will ever have. Join our expert staff as they provide stimulating play situations for your child to discover the joy of exercise. It’s a creative, exploratory, stimulating world of colors, sizes, heights, shape and challenges. Moms, Dads, & Grandparents welcome!


Age 3 to 4 (45 min)

More fun than a trip to the student lounge. Activities are fun-filled as experienced and professional instructors direct these little ones toward strength, flexibility, and social development. Equipment used includes balls, hoops, ribbons, ropes, junior balance beams, Magic Mountain, ladders, bars, inclines and trampolines. Special music and rhythmic games provide creative stimulation for children while education is enhanced. Our creative pre-school gym provides excitement as children jump-twist-n-swing to each area where “fun” is lurking around the corner. Class size limited to 6 students per instructor.


Age 5 to 6 (45 min)

Activities are geared to develop both large and small motor skills…and progress to actual tumbling and gymnastics skills! Lesson plans are more like a treasure map than a syllabus where the final destination leads to great excitement as well as great confidence. At this age, you will be thrilled & surprised by the many benefits of gymnastics that will be instilled in your child. Class size limited to 7students per instructor.

Preschool Gymnastics In Lake Elsinore
Preschool Gymnastics In Lake Elsinore California