Tumbling Instruction Lake Elsinore CA


Gymnasts do it…Cheerleaders do it…but did you know:

Snow Boarders do it, Martial Artists do it, Wake Boarders do it,

Motocross does it, Dancers do it, BMXers do it, Scooter Kids do it,

Skate Boarders do it, Performers do it, Skiers do it, My Mom does it, and..

Every kid dreams about doing it!

Students will be evaluated as they progress and will be invited to move to the next level after all Pre-Requisite Skills are completed and proficient! The required skills to be completed before leveling-up are posted below each class level.

Level 1

Junior — Age 6 to 9 (55 min)
Senior — Age 10 and older (55 min)

Our Mission is built on doing what it takes to get our members to a higher level. Esteem, knowledge, preparation, confidence and, of course, altitude. Basics, strength and flexibility will be worked daily as fundamental tumbling skills are acquired. Students will see a wide range of tumbling apparatus to help in their development. Results in many areas will be seen immediately. key skills: handstands on wall, bridges, somersaults forward, cartwheels, jumps, hurdles, landings.




Forward Roll

Backward Roll




Handstand fall to Bridge

Round-off Rebound

One-Handed Cartwheel

Bridge Kick-Over

Handstand Forward-Roll


Level 2

Age 5 and older (55 min)

As students gain confidence on their tumbling basics, they will quickly be introduced to the next tier of challenges: new skills, increases strength development and aerial elements on tramp devices. Their hard work on the fundamentals will provide rewards such as new courage, knowledge and a goal-oriented approach to training. key skills: walkovers, round-offs into skills, and back handsprings.


Back Walkover

Front Walkover

Back Extension Roll

Handstand Block

Handstand Snap-Down

Round-off Back Handspring over “Boulder”

Back-Handspring over Boulder


Accelerated Back Handsprings (Level 2.5)

Age 5 and older (55 min)


Back Handspring

Round-off Back Handspring

Front Handspring

Front Fly Spring

Skills into Roundoff Back Handspring

Skills into Standing Back Handspring

Standing Multiple Back Handsprings

Roundoff Multiple Back Handsprings


Level 3

Age 7 and older

At these intermediate levels, look for athletes to take their knowledge and confidence to the air. Twist’n and flip’n will be their reward as they progress with more skills. Forward skills and backward skills will become more complex and sequences will also be learned. Proper progressions and a commitment to the fundamentals will lead to their safe destination of goals and competitive pursuits. key skills: back tucks, front tucks, aerials, and combinations.


Roundoff Tuck

Roundoff Back Handspring Tuck

Punch Front

Jumps to Multiple Back Handsprings



Level 4&5



Standing Tuck

Roundoff Layout

Roundoff Back Handspring Layout

Punch Front Step-out

Standing Back Handspring Tuck

Standing Multiple Handsprings Tuck


Front Aerials

Running Fulls

Standing Fulls